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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Tuesday. 10.16.07 11:59 pm
too-late-to-sleep-but-need-to-wake-up-at-7:30am-again mode

Although haven't update blog for long, I have a written journal to record my thoughs and experience. This journal helps me a lot, as I can clear mind by writing all out. However, I hardly write it everynight, as I always forget or too tired to write (so all thoughs keep running in my mind badly), there were countless times that I made decision to write it regularly but failed to do. Anyway, this is to introduce my written journal.

I remember of my journal last night when I was meditating, because there was something I want to write down. As I usually meditate before sleep, so I was too lazy to get off bed and switch on light to write. What I want to write is I pick up my flute again, and have lots of practice these few days, feeling so good! I almost forgot how to play as I am too busy on study and leave it for long, so I always need to look up the 'fingerring' for some notes.

Indeed, I did pick up the flute a few times before, but I feel so bad that I couldn't even play a song fluently, then I put it down. So this time I decided to practice scales instead of songs to make my memory comes back. Eventually, I find I need to pay more attention to middle C and D notes, and E Major scale, as well as the tone colour, some notes are a bit windy and not bright enough.

I want to work on voice too, as I can't play piano and don't have an accompanist here, I tried to find some scores with Cds, but they are too expensive. Then I remember that I have a technical Cd, perhaps I can sing with it to warm up my voice and practice all the skill works first.

I saw an annocement on MyUni about the media placement session on this thursday, I remember that I saw that annocement early this week, but I only realised it is related to the placement tonight, it is so weird! So I check up Faculty website, and find the new information for 2008, and find out this is a compulsory session for the placement, thank Goddess and God, I didn't miss it.

According to the information sheet, there is an interview enrollment at Thursday week, and we have to research the field and the organisations that we want to approach, that means I have one more week to research.

I really don't know which field that I want to work at the media industry.
I find Public Relations is interesting, but there is one major problem - I don't have good English, and this is the main requirement for this field. I really want to gain some years of experience in PR, because it is a challenging work, but how could I solve the English problem? I wish I can write perfect English from tomorrow morning I wake, if it is possible.

What other field that I interested to work?
I guess I am able to work in multimedia, but I always think my designs are too childish. I wish I am more artistic, and create some abstract and beautiful art works, just like my friend Jane, her works are so pretty and meaningful.

Why I couldn't find something I really strong at? Perhaps I should list out my personal strengths and see which field I should be in.
1. Optimistic
2. Confidence
3. Sensitive
4. Open-mind
5. Active
6. Creative
7. Organise
8. Enthusiastic
9. Artistic
10. Generous
11. (learning to be) Patient
12. (learning to be) Non-judgemental
13. Vegetarian
14. Good-looking
15. (was a) Vocalist
16. Psychic
17. Spiritual (Don't need to tell me HR will not consider 11-17, I am not completely idiot, but they make my list longer, so I don't feel so badly.)

Finally, I still don't know which field I should work in media.
Why so many people know what they want to do before enter university or in their university years, but I don't know? Last week in psychic lesson, my teacher channelled to Osiris to transmit divine messages and for us to ask question. I ask "in my life, I have been interested to so many different things, but I don't know what I really want. Can you tell me what is the purpose of my life and what I should focus on?"

"I have too many interests but not strong at one single thing."
This is what I truly feel for my life. There are too many things that I interested to learn, want to know, desire to understand, and there were countless courses that I've ever attented. I am a fast learner, but it doesn't brings me any advantage. I always pick up new skills easily than other people, but I improve slowly. I work hard and try hard but my slow improvement has disappointed many people. It seems everyone can do better than me and I am strong at nothing, this make me feel dejected. So I always hope to find where my talent lies, so I can focus on, and get rid of this routine.



Although you say that your english is not good. Your writing skills say otherwise. I think if you were to practice a lot more with english speaking people you should be ready for PR work anyday now.
» KKama67 on 2007-10-16 12:53:25

OMG! i thought i saw a real cat jumping out from the screen.
» renaye on 2007-10-16 11:03:56

to KKama67,
Thanks for encourage me! I said my english is not good becuase my tutors always said I have poor grammar and sentance structure, and I received lower marks for essay. And you right, practice make perfect. Thank you!

to renaye,
isn't it lovely?!
» pandora on 2007-10-17 08:58:17

I like this idea, I completely with you agree.
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